Pantaoshan Scenic Area is located 10 kilometers southwest of Luanchuan County, Luoyang. The scenic area has "China's first natural stone peach". It is pavemented by the exotic flowers and trees that reflect each other in the four seasons. It is set off by Feiquan Diao Waterfall and Biyuan Deep Pool; Strange rocks, deep valleys, and canyons as the background, coupled with beautiful myths and legends and rich cultural landscapes, make visitors amazed and linger. In September 2006, it was rated as one of the "Top Ten Tourist Attractions" by Luoyang City. As a well-maintained natural landscape, the Pantaoshan Scenic Area was the filming base for many TV dramas such as "The Good Guy" and "Hongshiping".

In 2016, it was selected as the "Best Tourist Destination for Millions of Readers" by Luoyang Daily Group.

In May 2017, he was selected as one of the filming locations by CCTV's large-scale tourism cultural documentary "China on Tiptoes".

Ticket price: 50 yuan/person National AAA-level tourist attraction

The Pantao Mountain Scenic Spot is a scenic spot developed in Luanchuan County that focuses on natural landscape and ecological tourism. Ancient trees embroidered with bamboo, exotic flowers and weeds, cliffs, peaks and ridges, Feiquan waterfalls, Biyuan deep pools, it is really beautiful with beautiful scenery and fresh air. It is an out-and-out natural oxygen bar. In the scenic area, there are mountains, water, rocks, and caves. It is tall, dangerous, handsome, strange but not precise. Hundreds of scenic spots, dotted around, aura and charm, enjoy the elegance and common sense, there are myths in the districts, and allusions to the scenery. Each season has its own characteristics. In spring, the mountains are full of flowers, full of vigor and scent. In summer, there are waterfalls and springs, which are spectacular, covered by trees, and the climate is cool. In autumn, they are full of wild fruits. Persimmons, walnuts, chestnuts, jujubes, etc., bear numerous fruits. In late autumn, the mountains are full of red leaves and the forests are dyed. With the background of green pine and cypress, it becomes a beautiful natural picture. , The beautiful scenery that is painted among people; in winter, here are the ice-rimmed jade pillars, snowy trees and silver flowers, making people intoxicated and nostalgic. In short, Pantao Mountain is a good place for you to spend your leisure vacation, sightseeing, escape the summer heat, and find tranquility and adventure.



Pantao Mountain Scenic Area is located in Shimiao Township, 10 kilometers southwest of Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, in the hinterland of Funiu Mountain; it is within the "Qigu Valley" of the big mountain between Guanxing Village and Yangpingshu Village in the township. It faces Jiguandong Scenic Area in the east, Funiu Mountain Ski Resort in the west, Luolu Express Pass in the north, and Laojie Ridge in Nanyang to the south. The development area of the scenic spot is 10.7 kilometers long from north to south and 2.5 kilometers wide from east to west. The total area is about 26.7 square kilometers (including outer protection band). The tourist area is 7 km long from north to south and 1 km wide from east to west, which is 7 square kilometers. The transportation is convenient and the location is superior.

The main landscape of Pantao Mountain is the "Pan Peach Sacred Fruit" stone. The river in the main landscape is the main source of the Yihe River. The streams in the mountain ranges in the area are all gathered here. The river water is continuous for many years and the river drop is large. A peculiar landscape of waterfalls and deep pools is formed, and the scenic area presents a pattern of "mountains surrounded by water".

Features and advantages of scenic resources

The biggest resource feature and advantage of the scenic spot is the flat peach sacred fruit stone at the top of the flat peach peak, which is a spherical weathering phenomenon of granite rocks under the action of geological external forces. This phenomenon is not uncommon. The famous Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area is a mountain with granite as the main body, and its spherical weathering effect can be seen everywhere. But the flat peach sacred fruit stone of the Pantao Mountain can be at the top of the mountain. It has a realistic and lifelike shape, like a fairy peach coming to the world. It is rare in the world. Its landscape value can be compared with the "Yangyuan Stone" in the Danxia Scenic Area of Shaoguan. "Yin Yuan Stone" is more beautiful, but it is a precious geological treasure. The flat peach sacred fruit stone is not only a geological treasure, it also has the aesthetic value in the myths and legends of the human landscape source. Flat peach is a fairy peach in ancient mythology. See "The Internal Biography of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty" "It is said that on the seventh day of July, the Queen Mother of the West descended, and the emperor took four xian peaches. The emperor eats the nucleus, and the emperor asks the Emperor. During the three thousand years of life, the land in the middle and summer is thin, and there is no reproductive growth'. The emperor is the only one. The scenic spot not only has the characteristic brand of flat peach sacred fruit stone, but also its resource composition is rare.

The scenic area is 800-1300 meters above sea level. The terrain is high in the southwest and low in the northeast. The geological structure in the territory is mostly faulted. The rocks are mostly granite. The mountain is an immersed rock formed in the late Yanshan period. Other natural dynamics have formed valleys and valleys, rugged rocks, deep valleys, dense mountains, dense forests, and pure streams. Because of more rain. The Feiquan Hanging Waterfall and Biyuan Deep Pool are formed, which is very spectacular. The soil in the scenic area is mostly sandy and acidic, which is suitable for the growth and survival of various animals and plants. Its vegetation coverage rate is over 93%. The air contains high negative ions, which is extremely beneficial to human health. The high mountain forest oxygen bar is an ideal place for people to take a leisure vacation and cool off in summer.


The Pantao Mountain Scenic Area has dense trees, with a forest coverage rate of more than 97%. The natural vegetation type is a deciduous forest belt in the southern part of the warm temperate zone. The forest types in the scenic area are diverse, such as coniferous forests including Huashan pine forest, Pinus tabulaeformis forest, North China larch forest, Huashan oil Pine mixed forests, remaining small coniferous forests and coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests dominated by one coniferous tree; deciduous broad-leaved forests mainly include oak oak forest, cork oak forest, short-stalked loquat forest, and oak birch mixed forest. In addition, there are unique azalea forests, arrow bamboo forests and mixed forests dominated by small fir trees.

There are abundant plant species in the scenic spot, mainly composed of North China flora, as well as elements of Central China, East China, and Southwest. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 2,000 species of vascular plants, including about 150 species of ferns and about gymnosperms. There are 16 kinds of angiosperms about 1850 kinds, and there are many kinds of national-level protected plants, such as ginkgo, eucommia, walnut, fragrant fruit tree, mountain white tree, chinensis, Qingtan, gastrodia, ash, silver Magpie tree, collar wood, yellow-green wood, etc.

Numerous animals in the scenic spot thrive here, there are 140 species of terrestrial vertebrates, including about 80 species of beasts and 37 species of birds, most of which are national-level protected animals. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of creatures in the Pantao Mountain Scenic Area, with unique geographical features.

Forest trees, wild fruits and animal and plant landscape

The scenic spot belongs to the warm-temperature deciduous broad-leaved forest zone, with deep mountains and deep valleys, dense trees and sparsely populated forests. It has been the source of forest resources in Luanchuan since ancient times. In recent years, coupled with special protection by national policies, the vegetation rate has reached more than 93%. The entire scenic spot looks lush and verdant from a distance, and is lush and green from a closer look. There are no hills and no green slopes, and trees and shrubs are intertwined, covering the sky. The medicinal materials and wild fruits are full of mountains and plains, the aroma is striking, and the original breath is authentic. There are more than 150 families, more than 700 genera, and more than 1,300 species of plants in the territory. The national second-class protected plants include Lianxiang tree, Ginkgo biloba, and Eucommia ulmoides, and the third-class protected plants include dozens of species such as cypress, walnut autumn and yellow-green wood. Those plants that are not in the family are countless, such as the king's whip, tiger ball, broken tendons, ghosts, acid cloth pulp, Wang Buliu, etc., there are more than ten miles of peach blossoms, 100 acres of bamboo forest, thousand-year-old pine, and ten thousand magnolias. King pomp.

Luanchuan has always said that there are "three medicines in one step". There are many and good medicinal materials here, such as calamus, Bupleurum, dog teeth, sun ginseng, Daqiujia, Tianma, Zhuling, Poria, Guoqiao grass, Rubescens, honeysuckle, Sanyurou, Jiansongxiao, Platycodon grandiflorum, mulberry flowers, etc. can be seen everywhere. Entering the scenic area, various fruit trees are also dazzling, and in the summer and autumn seasons can be said to be fragrant, which can be seen when you look up and can be picked. Grapes, bottles, millet, mountain dregs, schisandra, August fried, kiwi, persimmon, walnuts, plums, pears, peaches, etc., come the harvest season one after another, making visitors salivate.

There are also hundreds of acres of large bamboo forests in the scenic area, and hundreds of meters of tree-lined roads pass through the garden, allowing visitors to appreciate the bamboo's high wind and bright festival, the atmosphere of red and green, imitating the humility of bamboo and the virtue of a gentleman.

In addition to plants, because of the warm air, suitable climate, clear waters, dense forests, and vigorous vegetation, it is a place where various wild animals live. There are golden pheasants, thrushes, rhododendrons, larks, mountain eagles, goshawks, roe deer, wild deer, wild boars, wild sheep, civet cats, baby fish, owls and other animals, which can add endless fun to the scenic spot.

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